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Re: Nice to have choice, but/because....

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Personally I'm hoping Sigma will make some more excellent Art lenses for m 4/3. My copy of the 60mm f2.8 is stunningly sharp wide open and AFs accurately and quite fast. It was a steal in terms of price and it is my new favourite lens on m 4/3. Now if they made a nice fast wide angle prime or 100mm 2.8 at the same price point that would be just the ticket....

The Sigma lenses we've had so far were modified from the DP3 Merrill lenses, so had focal lengths that made sense for APS-C (hence we got the 30mm which is a bit too long for a 'normal'). Sigma have already said any future Art DN series lenses are going to target as much of the mirrorless market as possible. APS-C mirrorless from Fuji and Sony have 35% of the market together, not that far behind the 45% that m43 has.

The next lenses aren't going to be modified lenses from another product, they are going to be clean sheet designs, so it is likely they are going to be compromise focal lengths that sort of work OK on APS-C and m43.

This won't matter so much if they make telephoto primes, but it does restrict how wide they are going to go (if they ever make wide lenses). They probably wouldn't go wider than 10mm at the very most, which on APS-C will give the same angle of view as 15mm on Full Frame, but just how many people on the Sony and Fuji systems would want that wide a lens. Even Zeiss didn't go that wide with their Touit lenses.

And a cheapy 14mm would struggle to sell on m43 when we already have one.

So the widest we'll see from Sigma will probably be 12mm.

A 100mm telephoto on m43 like you asked for would have the same angle of view of 200mm on Full Frame (a traditional focal length) but "150mm" on the APS-C systems (not so much of an old school focal length). So I'd guess they'd go for a longer compromise focal length.

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