Olympus OM-D E-M1 low light auto focus performance

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Timur Born
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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M1 low light auto focus performance

Brian Wadie wrote:

Bob, have you tried low light shooting with Live View Boost enabled (+ high frame rate refresh) working with only the EVF?

This is my usual configuration for studio work and as I said earlier in this thread, I have yet to experience a focus delay / miss-focus when working in a blacked out studio lit only by modelling light(s)

This should make no difference once you set refresh rate to "High". Live View Boost does little more than turning exposure compensation preview to permanently view +-0 EV, regardless of what exposure settings you use. This can "boost" Live View performance in those instances where 0 EV preview does not need a refresh rate drop to achieve preview, but in dark light it will still drop. "High" refresh rate never drops to 30 fps on the E-M5 and - as far as I can tell yet - the same applies to the E-M1 (even though its high refresh rate mode works somewhat different).

So when you combine both you get the drawbacks of both combined without additional benefit. Just use "High" refresh rate and be good with it, while still being able to get live preview of exposure changes in most situations (albeit not as many as with normal refresh rate).

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