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Re: 24-85

Hi Ali, If it were me I would start with the 24-85. I think it is at least as sharp as the 28-135IS, and seems to have better contrast and color. That would be the walk around lens. Then the other lenses I feel make a great kit are the 17-40L and 70-200 f/4L.

As I said I sold my 35 f/2 because it focused slowly, roughly, and periodically stuck at infinity. It is a sharp lens that gets great ratings for it's optical quality, however to me it very poorly made.

The 28 f/1.8 feels like a solid Canon product. It is a nice prime lens and I like to have it on at family or social events in the evening. That was my use for the 35.

The reason I have the 16-35L is that I shoot a lot of architectural interiors. It is fast and real sharp, and that 1mm (or equivilent to 1.6mm with the 10D fov) does make a difference for this use. If I just wanted a nice lens for wide angle use the 17-40L seems like a much better value.

I am planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Aug. and debating what to bring. Current thought is 24-85, 16-35, 70-200, maybe the 28, my 512mb CF card (and perhaps another or 1gb before I leave), 2 batterys, 10D, and a laptop. If I travel light enough I'll always have it with me when I need it.

I hope this helps.

Ali Fuat wrote:
Seeing all of the comments, I am now inclined to go with the 35/2.

How did that compare in sharpness and low light indoor shooting
compared to your 28/1.8. I was inclined to go with the 28/1.8 but
seeing the reviews, it seems like the image quality of the 35/2
would be much better. I will orbably hold off on the 16-35L until I
have a bit more experience with the camera.

Also, how woul dyou rate the performance of the 28-135 IS at the
long end? Initially, I would like to travel with two lens and use
that for my walkaround.

Would also welcome comments from those in addtion to George's who
have had any experience with the 28/1.8, 3.5/2 and 35/1.4 L. Thanks!

By the way, I appreciate the input from all who have posted on my
thread here. It makes a newby feel at home to know that this
community is so supportive and responsive.

George J wrote:

I started years ago with a 28-105 and an EOS 1. Fall 2000 I bought
a D30. Need for wide angle added a 17-35L. 28-105 failed no
warranty, replaced with a 28-135IS. Desire for a compact lens to
use unobtrusively and at social events bought 35 f/2. This lens
was sharp, however autofocus was slow, rough, and occasionally
stuck. Eventually replaced with a 28 f/1.8. Sharp enough, and
works fast and smooth (better length with fov). Sold D30 with 35
f/2 (and tossed in 28-105/not auto focusing). Bought 10D, and
70-200 f/4 (for long end). Sold 17-35L bought 16-35L. Decided the
right intermediate (walk around lens) was 24-85 f/3.5-4.5,
purchased. Now travel kit is 16-35, 24-85, 70-200. Evening out is
either 28 or 24-85. Afternoon out walk-about potentially more
distant subject is 28-135.

If I was buying one lens to start: 24-85.

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