Pricing for Product Photos?

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Re: How much of a friend?

Leonard Migliore wrote:

I did something similar for a friend (not as many hours though; I took about 20 images) and didn't charge him. He gave me a $200 gift certificate to the local camera store, which I felt was nice of him since I didn't ask for it. But this is someone I've known for years and we typically do stuff for each other.

Full retail, though, would be something over $1000 for the work you did.

Yeah see, me and this guy aren't quite that close, but I don't think I could ever charge him anything around $1,000... Honestly, I've asked this question on a couple photography forums and multiple people have said that they'd ask around $1,000, which seems insane in the membrane to me. That's basically $100 an hour. Holy shizzle! I understand that's how much a 'professional' would charge, and that I'm not in any way a 'professional', but still, even half that ($500) seems like a lot for 55 photos and 10 hours... right? Or maybe I just completely underestimated this industry..

Anyways, I'm going to chat with him on Monday and get his opinion. Hopefully he doesn't low ball me too badly. I think after hearing all these $1,000 dollar quotes, anything will seem a bit low...

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