Which PEN for wife? And small lens...

Started Jan 17, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: She may want a PINK camera!

Agreed, you need follow what she likes rather on what you assume she would like, usually it never works to your assumes

However, I have EPM2 with Pana PZ14-42 works wonders, never seen shutter shake problem (I bought GF3 with PZ recently and sold GF3 with Oly's 14-42II zoom). I dislike 14-42 foldable and 45-150 feels way cheap and stiff, that was me. New EPM2 firmware can be set to automatically switch to OOS instead of cheap IBIS, and the POWER OOS of the PZ lens is couple blocks better than EPM2's 2 axis IBIS, yes, I tested several times. I also tried EPL5 since I saw a deal with free 45-150mm lens, but returned them same day to store, it felt too heavy, bigger (when in hand). Then I got myself Pana's 45-200mm ... OK lens with OOS.

I tried GM1, it felt slippery with no grip, just like when I held GF2 or EPM1. But it is small.

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