Which PEN for wife? And small lens...

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She may want a PINK camera!

It was previously mentioned by someone else but do you know what SHE wants?

Does she want small as possible? And how small is small enough?

Does she want a in-built flash?

Does she want a zoom or a prime?

Cute or functional?

What color? White? Black? Pink? Red?

Okay with grip or no grip?

Does she actually have a want or need for an interchangeable camera?

Is she actually into photography or does she just want to point and shoot?

All these are important and is not something you nor any of us can decide for her. This may seem harsh but this really has nothing to do with you. Whether or not you find the menus intuitive or not has not bearings as it's her likes or dislikes of menu/ergonomics that counts.

For all we know she just wants another compact camera in which case something like the tiny Canon S120 or Panasonic LF1 is more to her liking. If she wants a prime lens camera at 28mm, the Ricoh GR may fit the bill (or the Nikon). If 35mm, there is the Fujifilm X100s. She may hate the Oly menus/ergonomics...she may hate the Panasonic menu/ergonomics...

Heck, she may just want a small PINK camera..in which case a Nikon 1 system may fit the bill.

As it currently stands, we don't have enough info to really give you any REAL advise.

First ask your wife THEN come back for advise from us when you are armed with some relevant info.

Not trying to be harsh, just the reality. As for MY wife, she wants either pocketable or a DSLR with no interest at all for mirrorless, or any prime only camera. Currently she's wanting the Nikon Df, though she is resigned to the fact that would never happen, and frankly is really happy with her Pentax K-5. Oly E-PMx? (or most Oly's except the E-M1), finds them ugly. Everyone's different.

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