A7r + Zeiss 85mm f/2.8 lens

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Re: A7r + Zeiss 85mm f/2.8 lens

David Kieltyka wrote:

Nate Dogg wrote:

Nice! I have this lens as well and have been using it on my A7 -- It is extremely sharp, even wide open. The only issue I've had with it is pretty severe lens flare/ghosting. I think it might be reflections off the A7 sensor,since it doesn't occur on my NEX-6. Do you have the same issue with the A7R?

On a side note, the C/Y Zeiss 28mm f2.8 is amazing on the A7, it's even sharper and no flare/ghosting.

No, I haven't seen any flare from the 85/2.8 so far. Which adapter are you using...I've got the Novoflex, for whatever that's worth. I also use a pretty deep hood.

Yeah, the 28/2.8 is a great lens. I also like the 25/2.8 a lot. It's not quite as sharp as the 28mm wide open but it catches up once stopped down. The 25mm also has less distortion despite being a bit wider (it's actually closer to 26 than 25mm). Lotsa fine choices in this lineup.


I have one from RainbowImaging (here), which may be the problem; However, it seems to work just fine with it on my NEX-6, or with the 28mm f2.8 on the A7 -- go figure...

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