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The Canon 14mm clearly has less distortion, but as both are correctable in post, it's not a big deal. With perspective correction (and distortion correction) you necessarily lose some image information, but if you shoot around it (frame bigger than the final image you want) it's no problem.

You're talking about inherent limitations of this type of a lens. No matter how much you claim it, every wide-angle lens on the camera market today has distortion. Some have less, some have more. Canons 14 seems to have a lot less, but it's there. If the amount of distortion is your only criteria, always choose the lens with less distortion. (Having checked out the EF 14mm L II, I feel like getting it myself. I don't blame you) It's obviously a good lens. But in some cases, you'll pay for less distortion with really soft corners, unuseable softness wide open, and more color aberrations. It's all about compromises. With some lenses, some compromises are more attractive than others. The samyang isn't as bad as many reviews seems to say, and I like it. That's not to say I won't get the Canon 14mm (or any brand, if there's a better option) later, if I feel my samyang falls short. I actually got the samyang because I have had only positive experiences with Samyang lenses, and I needed an UWA, and I didn't need AF or IS. It hasn't disappointed me so far.

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