Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

My 2c:

if shallow DOF is what you crave, then only full frame will satisfy it. Unless you want to resort to large manual exotic lenses, that is, which truly defy the essence of the E-M1...

I own a E-M1 and a large, very fast (1.4 primes wides and tele, exotic 200/2 glass) FF system. The E-M1 is a terrific camera, but the combination of slow speeds (f2.8 for the zoom) and short focal lengths (12-40, for example) mean huge DOF most of the time... sometimes it's very useful, but if what you're after is isolation capability, then m4/3s is certainly a no go.

Lastly, I wouldn't buy a E-M1 to use it with any kludge like manual focus lenses or speed boosters. I bought it for its quick AF speed and its ability (which surprised me) to track subjects in motion. This, and the improved ergonomics, made me spend the extra compared to the E-M5.
To shoot manual legacy lenses I'd simply save a lot and buy a E-M5, with identical image quality...

As I said, my 2c: I own the E-M1 only since 2 weeks (had a E-M5 last year and sold it as it was not useable enough for my needs), and love the form factor, speed, ergonomics, lenses. But the DOF limitations, and the sensor noise even at base iso really are a big hit to take...


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