What would you be willing to pay for a D400?

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Re: What would you be willing to pay for a D400?

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...the Pentax K-3 has EVERYTHING in that list - it's $1200. Best APS-C available today. Unfortunately Pentax doesn't have the lens line-up to support it. But it's still a kicker of a camera and costs $1200. So IF Nikon (and it's a big if) comes out with a D400, there would appear to be no good reason to cost it at any more than the Pentax, don't you think?

From what I have read online, Pentax, Oly and other camera makers are losing money on their cameras other than Nikon and Canon. Perhaps selling the K-3 at a loss to gain market share is Pentax's business model... we don't know that. Anyway, if the mythical D400 ever appears, it will be close to $2000.

You mean it's "your opinion" that it will be close to $2000 (since you haven't shared any actual facts that would support that knowledge). I wish folks here would be clear about what they purport to actually know (backed by facts) and what they are prospering as their opinion.

I personally think Nikon could probably sell a D400 for around $2000 if it was as good as we imagine, but I don't think they would have to sell it for that much if they had reasons to want to encourage a larger sales volume with a somewhat lower price.

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Yes, John... you are correct. It is my opinion. I thought that was implied (that we are all guessing and trying to predict) as Nikon has not disclosed the pricing or even if it is going to release a D400.

I am actually trying to figure out if it is even economically feasible for Nikon to release a D400 grade camera. Let me explain my thoughts... of course some will agree some will not.

Consider the D300 cameras sold till date as 100%. Out of those users, there will be a percentage who have upgraded to D800/D4 and won't buy a semipro grade DX (like myself).

There are quite a few dual format users, and many of them would want a D400 to go with their D800 or D4.

Even another percentage have bought D7100 and don't need a semipro grade DX.

How many of those users settled for the D7100 but would rather have had the D400?  Remember that back when we had the D200 and D300 we also had the D90, so the ability to get nearly as much for less money is nothing new here.

Basically, only the users who need a D800 type body (weather sealed etc.) for a DX and a deeper buffer with faster fps like the D300 will be most interested in this model. That means the number of potential buyers for the D400 type camera maybe less than the D300. So, that way its cost maybe higher.

I don't think that selling fewer cameras means that the cameras have to cost more.  How many K3 cameras will Pentax sell?

...I feel that the D800h can be priced the same as the D800 when it was released and the D400 at around $2,000.

I actually think the price will be closer to $1600.

However, these cameras will reduce the sales of the D4 and D4s units as some users will be able to use the D800h/D400 instead of the D4/s.

If you don't offer something that beats what you have then someone else will.  Nikon wiped out their D2xs sales completely with the D300 and D3, and Nikon brought out the D700 even though it in turn offered a lower priced alternative to the D3.

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