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Re: Weather sealing is not rocket science...

thxbb12 wrote:

Could a weather sealed prime be as small as some of the current ones or would they have to be larger? Honest question, not rhetorical... Weather sealed bodies aren't a huge selling point for me due to the lack of variety in weather sealed lenses so far.

No, it doesn't make the lens larger. In fact, weather sealed lenses are just regular lenses with these few additions:

  • Foam rubber behind front and rear elements
  • Scotch tape over access holes under rubber rings

More info about it here under "Speaking of Catchwords" paragraph (with pictures): http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/12/assumptions-expectations-and-plastic-mounts

In fact, any lens could be made "weather sealed" with little effort from the manufacturers without increasing the cost by much at all.

That's not what your link says. It says that may be the case:

When you take lenses apart all day you find out it usually means ‘we put a strip of foam rubber behind the front and rear elements and scotch tape over the access holes under the rubber rings’.


And some (but not all) ‘weather sealed’ lenses also have internal gaskets around barrel joints and other added bits seals.

Basically, the most basic seals are simple, but we don't know what particular brands use. Knowing the abuse people subject Olympus gear to, I'd guess it's one of the better sealed brands. They also released a rated body in the past: the E-1 was rated to IPX-1, as I recall. However, I don't know what kind of sealing Olympus use - only that it works.

Even assuming the lowest mentioned level of sealing, the tiny 14-42 pancake would probably be larger with it: at such a small size, even a strip of foam rubber may be too big. Not to mention that everything has to be assembled and engineered, which is no small consideration in a pancake. I say "probably larger", since I don't know - and you can't know, either.

If manufacturers can make lenses sealed with no added size and little added cost, why would they *not* do it?

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