Wide angle macro solution for DX body?

Started Jan 17, 2014 | Questions thread
Gibbosa Regular Member • Posts: 207
Re: Wide angle macro solution for DX body?

szhorvat - I can't help you from a personal perspective, not having done this, but I can refer you to a young South African professional called Shem Compion who has. I've attended a workshop with him in Cape Town and he's excellent. One of his books which you need to check out is called 'A Landscape of Insects and other invertebrates' - it's exactly what you're looking for. I can't comment on DX or FX, etc., but Shem seems to be the kind of 'tog that you could email directly to get your answer. You can find out more at www.shemimages.com.

Hope that helps - and good luck!


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