Wide angle macro solution for DX body?

Started Jan 17, 2014 | Questions thread
_sem_ Veteran Member • Posts: 5,021
Re: Wide angle macro solution for DX body?

Westmill wrote:

The other would be using a lens like the samyang fisheye. Although not what I would call macro.

It will of course focus much closer with a huge amount of DOF. This is about the closest thing Ive got though lol.

You can of course use it with cheap extension tubes

The Nikkor 10.5/2.8 fisheye focuses to mere 3 cm in front of the lens (tough to get good light if one goes closer), magnification about 1:10 I recall.

The Samyang 8/3.5 doesn't focus as close but I hear it can be modded. A thin enough extension tube isn't feasible I guess.

There are also peculiar setups involving small-format WA or fisheye lenses on tubes containing relay optics, for instance here:


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