Is there an SLR with no viewfinder blackout?

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Re: To what question?

peevee1 wrote:

Did you ever watch sports on TV? All of it is taken with cameras with EVFs.

Your point is wide of the mark for two reasons:

1. Video EVFs do not show a sequence of time lagged images at 12 or 8 FPS (or 6FPS for the A99). This is not about normal EVF operation with 30-60-120 FPS refresh rates.

2. TV images of sports like football are very different from stills of that sport. The TV shows the field with entire plays; stills show closeups of players. If your framing can be loose enough, then it hardly matters.

If in a previous frame you are noticing your object going off center, you naturally adjust your speed in the same direction.

The lag throws off your natural motion estimation, i.e. every image you see is frozen at the chosen shutter speed and time lagged both of which are important cues to the eye/brain. It's this freezing of motion that makes the stroboscopic impact worse. With enough practice, you learn to adapt to some degree but mostly you are just going to depend on your initial motion estimate and follow through.

EVF lag is negligible compared to mirror slap lag,

In high rate continuous shooting, the next image time is automatically determined by the FPS; you don't have control over the critical moment either way. The important lag is the one between what can be seen in the viewfinder vs. what the subject is doing.

I can think of one advantage of this EVF behavior: with an SLR, the old rule is that if you see the peak action in the viewfinder, it means you missed capturing it. With the stuttering EVF, it would be the opposite - if you think you see it, then you probably have it. Either way, it's too late if you missed the shot.

and both of them are negligible compared to human reaction time.

The difference may be slight, but you are already dealing with a difficult task of following a moving target. Why make it even lower percentage?

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