Sold all Canon gear - want to switch to Nikon, need some suggestions please.Thanks

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Re: Critical note

PepsiCan wrote:

volodyalysak wrote:

and sharp images in all conditions


You do realise that that has much more to do with the photographer and not so much, if at all, with the equipement, right?


I don't think the original poster is going to get vastly superior results by switching equipment.

That said, as someone who has been itching to go full frame for a while and analyzing (and over analyzing) my options, I wouldn't recommend full frame for the OP either.  FF is much more expensive, the D600/610 (and I wouldn't buy a D600 because of the oil splatter) is basically double the price of the D7100/D7000.  The lenses are more expensive too.  If you aren't kicking butt with a crop sensor and getting your skillset & technique really refined you might as well not waste your money on FF IMO.

For budget conscious users looking for DX I would frequently recommend D5100/D5200/D7000, 18-105mm and the three f1.8 primes 35/50/85 (and buy refurb body or 18-105 if you can find them).

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