D5300 Butterflies and Birds- Magic Wings Deerfield, MA.

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Re: D5300 Butterflies and Birds- Magic Wings Deerfield, MA.

Jerry wrote:

Took these the other day. Thought they came out really decent.

I presume you'd like some honest feedback.

They are decent technically. No big issues with exposure, tonality is good, and so are the colors. The light is OK (although far from special) - except in the last one, where the use of direct flash creates some distracting shadows.

But they are boring. There is no story in these photos. Worse still, composition is the single most important element, and in these photos it's more than obvious that you have not paid much attention to it. There is imbalance between subject & secondary elements - with the possible exception of #4 (probably an accident, since the distance allowed for an evenly colored background to be completely out of focus)

#1. The background spoils what would've been a decent composition, because it's far too obtrusive. The color of the cup also happens to be the same as the foliage. There are distracting highlights right above the subject

#2. Lines, half-cropped subject and other elements, a blurred patch on the bottom left...All these don't make a great composition

#3 objects are cut-off in the middle in a way that makes the viewer think you sneezed while you were taking the image.

#5 is better than the rest, although the angle and the placement are not very inspiring.

#6, 7 are better than #1-3, but it's still boring. There is no story there. On the first there is a bird sitting, on the second there is a bird scratching its foot. You should ask yourself: "How can I not take a picture similar as a million others?"

Here's one idea I had some time ago, to show you what you could be after in terms of composition and differentiation:

#8 summarizes everything that is wrong with these photos. There are just too many distracting elements, too many lines, too much competing color, too many blurred blobs. The tiny subject is utterly lost.

Don't give up, it takes time to develop an eye for all these. Just keep taking photos and self-evaluate.

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