What camera for $400-$450? Have Nikon D5100 and Canon T3i, any others?

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Canon "cure" for Lighted Background

Ricky Bobby wrote: We bought a Nikon D5100 ($429) and a Canon T3i ($437) with the 18-55 kit lens for Xmas. Using both, I like some things about the Nikon (flash shots still allow the background to be bright)

You can make Canon take (lighted backdrop) as well by using Tv set @1/30 ~ 1/40s.

Canon default to 1/60s whenever a FLASH is required.  1/60s produce very STABLE IMAGE (less blur) but the cost of illuminated backdrops.

If you want to expose the backdrop, try using the Tv (Shutter-Priority) and set it to 1/30s ~ 1/40s.  This will expose and illuminate the backdrops.

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