The Liar in Chief at it again...

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Roger99 wrote:

... are you guys so shocked when politicians do what all politicians do? You can only hope that the lies they tell are for the good of the country. Pretty much so far, Obamas lies have had a far better effect and have been more ethically based than the mind blowing, war criminal blathering and incompetence of his half witted predecessor so count your dumb luck that the world isn't being run by another nightmare from the contemporary Republican school of ineptitude.

This guys lies are directed at attempts to get you guys into a more effective health system. The last guys lies were to cover up his attempts to drag the US into a pointless and devastating war just to make himself look good. The one before that, to hide his marital indiscretions. I know who's lies I could live with and they ain't republican. Their lies kill too many.

Anyone who obsesses about detritus like this has a very thin perspective on political functioning. This is the kind of thing we lump under the category of splitting hairs to try to score minimum points. Complain about something real fa' cryin' out loud.

I hope that item came to you as spam or the like. The idea that you may be spending your life trawling the net to find irrelevances like this is a worry.

You pass the chicken little test.

rb59020 wrote:

Barry Tweeted this lie a few days ago to his lovers.

Well like everything else that comes out of his mouth, it was less than truthful.

Washington Post

The Pinocchio Test

'Essentially, then, it is ridiculous to suggest, as the @BarackObama tweet does, that the people who have selected a health plan in the exchanges are in anyway equivalent to the 3.9 to 4.2 million who were deemed eligible for Medicaid."

"Soon, CMS will release the Medicaid numbers for December. Presumably the new numbers will reveal as little about the impact of the Affordable Care Act as the 3.9 million figure. Reporters need to be very careful about using the new figure in any sentence that includes a reference to the new health-care law."

So out of "6 Million" Americans who have allegedly signed up for the ACA, 3.9-4.2 million had already either previously been on Medicaid or were already eligible for Medicaid before the ACA was ever passed. So almost 70% of Barry's 6 Million is BS. What a guy.

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

Dude it was in this little known newspaper called the Washington Post. Even though it tends to be a leftist rag, I try to read a little bit of everything.

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