Ohio killer executed without the help of the Netherlands.

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Re: The Netherlands?

Sante Patate wrote:

rb59020 wrote:

"Like many states, Ohio has been forced to find new drug protocols after European-based manufacturers banned U.S. prisons from using their drugs in executions -- among them, Danish-based Lundbeck, which manufactures pentobarbital."

Seems the crazy Danes have no problem with Pentobarbital being used to kill the innocent as long as it is for "physician-assisted suicide". But if states in the US want to dispose of convicted murderers and assorted rapist, then there's a problem.

You really need to start paying attention in class. Denmark and the Netherlands are not the same place. Not even close.

And why should any manufacturer not decide who they will sell to? You might want to Google "free enterprise".

Let me guess another liberal who doesn't click on links.


F R O M  W I K I P E D I A..... Read the stuff below this line!!!

"In the Netherlands, the standard protocol for physician-assisted suicide is intravenously induced thiopental anesthesia, followed by bromide of alcuronium- or pancuronium-induced respiratory arrest. A concentrated oral solution of 100 ml containing 9 grams of pentobarbital sodium along with sugar syrup in a 20% ethanol solution is a standard solution used for self administration by patient."

"Pentobarbital has been used or considered as a substitute for other drugs traditionally used in the United States for execution when they are in short supply. Such use however is illegal under Danish law, and when this was discovered, the owner of the drug, Lundbeck, stopped selling it to states that practice death penalty after public outcry in Danish media. US distributors of the drug are forbidden by the owner to sell it to any customers, such as several state authorities, that practice or participate in executions of humans."

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