Is there an SLR with no viewfinder blackout?

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Re: To what question?

Erik Magnuson wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Not worse. I bet you have never tried it,

I've tried such a system.

but actually showing what you get at high frame rate allows you easily and naturally adjust camera position to catch the movement.

Perhaps with such small buffers, you don't have time to notice. If the motion is perfectly linear, just normal anticipation and follow through will suffice for a short enough time, but adjusting to changes is difficult.

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It is not significantly more difficult than with OVF, speed changes do not happen in zero time because objects have non-zero mass. Did you ever watch sports on TV? All of it is taken with cameras with EVFs.

A camera shooting stills at, say, 12 fps and showing previews of what has been taken is the same as 12 fps video, which is close to 15 fps standard for animation, for example. If in a previous frame you are noticing your object going off center, you naturally adjust your speed in the same direction.

EVF lag is negligible compared to mirror slap lag, and both of them are negligible compared to human reaction time.

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