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I have also a D90 and for some time I was considering “upgrading” it.

However, I concluded that the D90 already is a better camera than me as photographer.

So, like the previous posters wrote, I would recommend an investment in better glass, in your case I would buy an inexpensive Nikon DX 35 f/1.8 (about 175€) and learn more about the technique and the art of photography by buying some books about photography (there are several good books, new or used, on online stores like amazon or so).

The 85 f/1.8 is excellent and works on full-frame, however, it’s more expensive than the 35mm and 50mm and a more specialized lens for portraits.

Remember that on DX the “real” focal lengths/angle of view are:

85mm x1.5 = 127,5mm,

50mm x 1.5 = 75 mm

35mm = 52.5mm

You can try the above field of view with your 18-200 lens, just put it on 35mm or 85mm, put some tape on the lens so that it would not move from that focal length, and imagine the different places and angles where you can or want to take the pics, and try to take some pictures in your bedroom/living room etc., with that focal length.

Remember that with the 35mm you can take pictures with a lower shutter speed than with the 85mm. The big advantage of the 85mm is the deep of field control.

Are you considering taking some pictures during the birth of the child? I did. Talk first with the Doctor, if it’s ok for him just stay near your wife’s head, use a 17-50 zoom and flash bouncing on the ceiling, and you will get some unforgettable pictures!

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