Olympus 25mm f/1.8 images and price

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Re: not a pancake. :(

mh2000 wrote:

>>Add to that that because of the squarish format 20mm is closer to normal then in other formats, so 25mm is not normal but slightly tele in m4/3 parlance.

This isn't exactly true, it depends on how you use your frame for what is closer to something else that isn't the same. Comparing the diagonal is not art or science, it's just convenience.

Perspective-wise you may be right. But psychologically the format works differently. People coming from 2/3 tend to crop in order to re-establish the  proportion between earth and sky.

In fact the 50mm eq. was chosen very arbitrarily. For you it's the Sigma 30mm, and for me the Sigma 19mm. Each according to favourite Genre and execution.

Technologically, in relation to distance to flange the P20mm, might be considered the true normal of m4/3, since it showed the best performance.

You know HCB spent is life with a Leica 35mm, and only very rarely used other lenses, but he never encouraged people to choose his own focal or the other. What makes one tick and deliver s really the essence.


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