A new Rumour about the 7-14mm?

Started Jan 17, 2014 | Discussions thread
Advent1sam Senior Member • Posts: 3,901
Re: A new Rumour about the 7-14mm?

No rumour, no plans AFAIK, i would prefer an 8-12 OIS lens anyway with a filter ring. The current 7-14 is a nice lens but the whole workaround for filters and no OIS is a pain. The 9-18 is a good sharp lens too but a little slow.

What we really need is;

8-12 OIS, when Pana!

12-35 OIS, available

35-100 OIS, available

100-250 OIS 2.8!, when Pana!

300 prime OIS 2.8, when Pana!

x1.4 x1.7 or 2 tele of some shape., surely a 3rd party could make these?

The 15,25,42.5 will be great primes, nice Pana!

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