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Sher Singh wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I am not in photography profession & I never used a digital camera other then cell-phone cameras, but I would like to have SLR for personal use only. I'm from New Delhi, India and Nikon/Canon are very famous here. I'm a bit technical so 've done a bit of online research and found some interesting reviews on Sony/Nikon lineups but I hated Canon's technical terms. I did finalized Nikon D5200 but when I went to the shop it wasn't friendly where as with Sony A58 demo piece the interaction was easy or may be the difference in button positions or the presentation from both stores got me confused. I don't want GPS or wifi so I already rejected D5300/A65.

D5200 is around $200 expensive here as compared to A58, not an easy handling or may be I need to learn it and I indeed need a flip out screen so no D3x00 or D7x00 series pls. D5200 gives a better IQ & low light performance.

In Sony A58 I like EVF with Settings effects (from ads) & video, battery life but IQ does costs some amount of light. I also like stabilization and AF motor that increases support for a variety of lenses.

I want A58 but the image quality should be closer to D5200, the other feature of A58 attracting me with its cheaper price...

Any budget lens recommendation would also be helpful!

Best Regards
Sher Singh

Consider the Nikon D5100. It is a very capable camera and the 16MP sony sensor in it is a very very good sensor. Its an absolute bargain now too.

The 18-105 kit lens is optically very good and also a bargain.

I don't have any experience with Sony cameras (apart from the RX100 compact). I think the problem there is that they keep changing direction and introducing new lens mounts. That means that the lens range for any particular Sony system does not mature very quickly and also raises some doubts as to which systems they will continue to develope over time.  I was a Minolta SLR user in the days of film (Sonys A mount is the old Minolta AF maount) but Minolta were very late to produce APS-C DSLRs and I switched to Nikon with the advent of the D70. I have some minor niggles with Nikon but have not had cause to regret the choice. They have a broad system of lenses to choose from and a very capable flash system. There is also a wealth of third party support for Nikon regarding lenses, flash and other accessories.



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