Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Duno ..

neil holmes wrote:

Native FE mount lenses are few and far between right now.....more and more coming over the next year or so.

you can use autofocus lenses from Minolta, Canon EF and Contax G via adapters, so whatever af lenses they have should work (maybe a bit slow). You can also use Sony E mount auto focus lenses without adapters but the camera crops to a 10mp apsc (A7)....A7R crops to about 15mp I think.

some E mount lenses do not least some zooms work for part of the range I only af lens is the kit lens but the camera is so good with manual focus lenses that is all I need....I have the 12mm, 45 1.8 and Oly kit lenses for the GX7 as well as lots of mf ones.

I got the A7 to use with a lot of manual focus lenses (that I also use with a different angle of view) on the GX7.

I only have a Canon FD adapter so far (Pentax K on the way) for the A7

I have Pentax, FD and Minolta MD adapters for the GX7.

I will use a 2x 1:1 macro converter with various lenses manual focus on both cameras (and reverse mount lenses onto the converter as well for greater than 1:1.

Waiting for another 1:1 converter in FD mount.....looking forward to trying a 50 1.2 L lens with the converter both normal and reversed.

The A7 does not have a built in flash.....I think the EVF on the A7 will be spectacular for macro but the GX7 may be the better camera for macro (and likewise the EM1).....IF you get it right the A7 may well be better but I think there will be many more failures due to dof least for me.

I am used to fast AF, I don't know if I would be attracted to this kind of a setup as you describe. Same as df, Nikonians love it, especially if you like the process of taking pictures more than the results, but it just would not be enough for me to go for it. If Sony, I would probably be looking at A7 with one lens only, some fast prime, and that's it. Only for portability and simplicity. Expanding and experimenting with it just would not make much sense at this point.

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