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Re: there was not much news

My point is and has been from the start of these discussions is thatthere are a few posters, and indeed you are one on the most prominent- who feel fear, uncertainty and doubt about the future of e-mount cameras. I among others have tried to correct the IMO incorrect view you had / have about that.

I note that you deleted from my previous post everything I wrote about that. From the deletion I assume you have read it and have nothing to add to it

parallaxproblem wrote:

robert1955 wrote:

IR often does this sort of interview at major trade shows. They often ask their site visitors to contribute questions, I doubt the OP was the only one to suggest it

Here is the place where questions were contributed:

As I am clearly the only person that suggested these questions I will be very happy to accept your apology

If you really were the only interested in putting this question, gladly given :). Though it is somewhat telling that given all the noise here, it was asked only by you. However the link provides only the invitation, not the input received by IR, so no substantiation.

Though of course there won't be any apology becaue you already contributed another rather insulting post towards me in the previous 'Sony Answered' thread, in which the above location of the questions to Imaging Resource was already clearly listed in the first post:

Well, I still think your first interpretation [when A7 was released] was wrong from the start; nothing insulting about that.

The interviewers even give the interviewees much leeway, there are no hard questions asked.

This was not a political interview. In the context the questions IR asked were fine and gave Sony the chance to finally give us an explanation of what the cancellation of the NEX name means together with the reasons behind it, and to clarify where the A5000 actually sits in relation to the older models

I have to ask what have you done that is positive on this subject,

Why do you think so?

I think my previous contribution was a honest attempt at describing the point of view you disagree with. You are welcome to reply

other than make complaints about these threads and throw disrespect in my direction?

I do not intend disrespect, there is nothing personal in this.

I bother because the FUD-ing [whether out of genuine concern or anything else], the name-calling [fanboy, shill, troll have been used] and the agressive use of ignore lists] create an unhealthy atmosphere in this forum, which is may make it useless.

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