Nikon D5300 Color rendition

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Re: Nikon D5300 Color rendition

I own a nikon D5300 for about a week now. I played with the settings trying to get the same results I used to get from my nikon D5100. In fact the focus speed and accuracy is generally better and the sharpness is better. But I get pale colors in comparison with the D5100 although I use the following settings:

white balance: auto with Amber (A) +2

Picture control: standard:  sharpness 5, saturation +2 and contrast, brightness and hue to default 0

auto ISO starting from 100 with max ISO 6400.

I used to have more natural, vibrant colors with the D5100 , although I used to put it into auto WB with Amber +1 and saturation +1 in picture control and sharpness 6.

I am surprised because on paper the D5300 has color depth of 24 compared to 23.5 for the D5100 in DXomark test. and it has Expeed 4 processor in place of the older Expeed 2 in D5100, a change claimed to improve Image Quality. I notice that the image is better in sharpness and details only which may be due to more megapixels and removal of the anti-aliasing filter.

Did anyone notice this color issue? what could be the cause? and any suggestions to get better colors?

thanks in advance

P.S. I use the lenses: 18-55 kit lens, 18-105 VR, and 35 1.8 lens

The default color setting are very accurate and shouldn't need any bump in standard mode. If anything set in neutral and set contrast +1, sharpness 6 or 7, saturation +1.

I had the D5100 and while it was good, the colors were a little punchy sometimes. The D5300 is more accurate and captures colors excellent.

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