Wide angle macro solution for DX body?

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Re: Wide angle macro solution for DX body?

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I was thinking about the feasibility of doing wide angle macro photography (say, around 1:2 reproduction ratio) with a DX body. Has anyone here done anything like this? If yes, what kind of setup did you use, or what setup (lens) would you suggest?

I am thinking of photos which don't only include the subject but also a distant background. I have the 60 mm f/2.8 (non-D) lens, which is very nice for closeups of tiny things, but the 22 degree field of view makes it impossible to include a background.

Going to a wide angle lens isn't going to include the background, it still going to be out of focus at 1:2. It's not going to increase the DOF near the focus plane either, just shorten the camera to subject distance.

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In other words, there's no such thing as a wide angle macro.

This is clearly not correct.

If you google for it , you'll find plenty of examples. Also, have you seen BBC's Life in the Undergrowth? They have lots of shots with Attenborough being visible behind a bug. The background is going to be a bit blurry, yes, but still visible and adding a lot to the image. With a longer lens you typically get a solid blur only, and no visible detail: you can't make out a field or a mountain or a tree in the background. With wide angle it's possible.

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