WU-1B and D600 thoughts and experiences

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Re: WU-1B and D600 thoughts and experiences

Rick_Hunter wrote:

Kendunn wrote:

OK, lets try this again, posted inadvertent in DX.

Purchased the above for a D600 knowing there were some issues, but I loved being able to use my Nexus 7 via USB OTG for a video monitor to focus for video recording since we all know how poor that is on this, if not most DSLRs, and wanted to cut the cord. I had read and noticed that DSLRDashboard has the option for the wu-1b now and I read reviews with the same set up I have that were favorable, but I am having issues. It works sometimes, but if you disconnect you have to restart the tablet. I have tried forcing the app to stop, reconnecting WiFi, etc, but nothing else works. I would like to hear others experience and also if there are other apps that might work (Nikon's is pretty useless). Like others have said this has so much potential but so poorly executed it isn't funny.

Also I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is even worse. I can't even get DSLRDashboard to work at all, even with OTG cable.

(I only have a small glitch: whenever I use DSLRdashboard it sets the camera exposure delay to 3 sec, go figure...)

I may be able to help (sort of) with that.  I have found if I put it in CL drive mode it takes away the delay, but also takes a series of 3 shots, so not perfect, but one solution.  I bet next release of DSLRDashboard will be great

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