Olympus 25mm f/1.8 images and price

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Re: not a pancake. :(

mister_roboto wrote:

You could technically just get the 4/3 25mm f2.8 + put an MMF adapter on it, it would be pretty pancake like then. The combo would also be cheaper than this new µ4/3 25mm as well.

Although you use the Sigma 30mm... I don't have the size of the Oly 25mm µ4/3 lens yet, but I think that they might be comparable in size.

I had the 25/2.8, but with the adapter it stops being a pancake.

I would say that the easiest lens to make , and thus either pancake or fast or both is for some reason that which focal length corresponds to distance to flange. Perhaps it's a geometrical law?

Add to that that because of the squarish format 20mm is closer to normal then in other formats, so 25mm is not normal but slightly tele in m4/3 parlance.

Thus to me the Sigma 19/2.8 is still the best for walkabout with its great resolution wide open. (But it could have been a pancake, if native)

The 25/1.8 will be great for newcomers. One always forgets about them, but this must be a dramatically expanding format, if it is to survive. Expecting it to be a pancake was never to be. Let it be cheap.

The real test will be resolution at full aperture, since sensitivity of the format is high enough, but diffraction limit low. That starts to be a constraint, that Oly and Sigma understand v. well. Not much choice in apertures. Some 3 stops at max resolution?


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