Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: If you are after the best .

The main benefits of micro four thirds is size, and perhaps in your case - live view.

Yet - you want to buy grips, which increases the camera size.

A dissadvantage of MFT for you is its great depth of field. Because you want shallow.

Incidentally, I find with taking pictures of people inside, that F/1.4 on the Panasonic 25mm (50mm) lens is too shallow a depth of field ... I have to use F/2.0 usually if people are not the same distance from my camera.

For portraits, there are now two superb lenses: I have the 75mm F/1.8, and its quite remarkable. But its not a low cost lens. And neither is Panasonic's 42.5 mm portrait lens. I would suggest the 75mm as it will produce shallower depth of field in portraits. The problem though, is that for macro, you need the 60mm lens, which is not nearly such a good portrait lens.

So if you buy a portrait prime, then - should you get a zoom? I have the "kit" 12-50mm lens, and while its nice, its far from great. 2nd hand they must be cheap. Also they have a form of macro. The 12-45mm would be worth if with the M-1 - but only because its discounted with the body when you buy it. Otherwise, perhaps you might be a prime person? Primes give you quality and compactness. An MFT strength.

If you go mft, I'd suggest just just buy another battery or two, and get used to the handling without a grip. I have the grip for the OM-D M-5, and it grows the OMD M-5 to DSLR size - IMO it's too big except for, say - a 50-200mm lens (which weighs one kg). The finger grip extension is good though. The OM-D M-1 is faster though, including its touch screen, which runs faster than my M-5 (although perhaps I need to upgrade my firmware)

So ... since you want shallow depth of field, you want a grip, I'd suggest investigating buying a Nikon or Canon Full frame DSLR. There are several choices, several are within your budget. Investigate 2nd hand lenses too for the camera of choice. Some primes are good and not expensive. Better lenses though can be expensive.

A Nikon 610 would do you well. For sex appeal (a waste of money but perhaps its ergonomics and appearance might make it worth it) the new retro Nikon DF screams appeal but its a bit beyond your budget and perhaps is just a souped up 610 in a brilliant body.

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