Olympus 25mm f/1.8 images and price

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Re: not a pancake. :(

mh2000 wrote:

I really wanted a pancake 25, even if it was only f2.8.

The little zoom looks amazing! I'm not a zoom-guy, but that little thing looks so cute I think I'd buy a new camera kitted with it just for the "awwwww" factor!

Not interested in the fisheye.

Wish they came out with a 25/8 bodycap.

If that really is the new 25, I think I'll just keep using my Sigma 30... which isn't a bad thing!

Thanks for the link!

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You could technically just get the 4/3 25mm f2.8 + put an MMF adapter on it, it would be pretty pancake like then. The combo would also be cheaper than this new µ4/3 25mm as well.

Although you use the Sigma 30mm... I don't have the size of the Oly 25mm µ4/3 lens yet, but I think that they might be comparable in size.

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