Is the 300mm F4 non APS a decent buy?

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Re: Is the 300mm F4 non APS a decent buy?

Still Image wrote:

rwingsfan wrote:

I posted this over on another forum trying to gather a consensus. I cannot afford the APS version of this lens, but might be able to find the screw drive earlier model for a price I can handle. Question being is it better than the 70-300mm VC Tamron that I have now? I like being able to use a TC with the prime. I am getting better at BIF shots, but really think the 300 f4 would help take me up a notch. What say ye?

The problem is that the non-AFS version cannot use the newer TCII teleconverters, unless you physically alter the TC, which can lead to problems. The AFS teleconverters are optically better than the older TCs, so there is real incentive to go with the AFS version.

The price of the AFS version 300mm has come down considerably over the past couple of years, and the used price is really low. I just don't see enough difference in price to justify the older non-AFS 300mm f4.

Well from what I see on the used market the AFS is $850-900 and the AF ED is $400-450 that's about twice as much. Granted newer is usually better but given the price difference and my level of expertise I am thinking the older one is a better value. Along with the fact the Kenko 1.4 can be had for half of the Nikon version. Now if I could get a AFS version for $500 that would be cool, but.....

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