Nikon D5300 Color rendition

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Re: Nikon D5300 Color rendition

Derma pro wrote:

I'll try that in daylight, but indoors I think the auto is better but still the photos from the nikon D5100 was easily adjusted to nice vibrant natural colors.

It's an interesting change for sure, I'm seriously considering upgrading to the D5300 at some point so I will be very interested in how you go with this colour issue. I ended up tinkering around with the presets quite a bit and use my camera primarily on the landscape preset with slight modification.

In saying that, I am relying on RAW much more than jpegs now and generally just shoot a jpeg as well just as a reference for editing the RAW files.

You may be able to set up your white balance and picture controls specifically for indoor shooting with one of the custom presets perhaps? the sensor should definitely be capable of producing vibrant colours.

It will be interesting to see how you go.

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