Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

my point wasnt that mirrorless cameras cant produce dslr quality pics, my main point is they arent that small. for me id rather carry a d5100 than an nex, i would however obviously prefer to carry an rx100 if it had the same IQ and low light quality of the nex7 or d5100. thats what i meant by mirrorless being a no mans land. not outstanding at anything, size or IQ. i would however prefer an NEX over any other mirrorless systems. I looked at an OMD m5 in the shop yesterday, had a d5100 in one hand and the m5 in the other, i just dont get the point of the mirrorless, it didnt feel substantially smaller or lighter and costs more than the d5100.

so for me, the best scenario is an RX100 and a Nikon Dslr.

But for the OP i dont think there is an answer as no truly pocket able cameras with long zoom do well in low light. Maybe the rx10?

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