Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Try Renting

I shot with an OM4T (why can't I get multi-spot metering today?) until a D70 then a D200 and now an E-PL5.

I too have a lot of nice OM glass and the cheapest adapter I could find on e-bay.

For u43 macro, I believe no lens rivals the Olympus 60mm (see At 2.8 and a smaller sensor, you will, obviously, have a deeper DOF. The lens cost me $450 US but I saw an Amazon add for it recently for $399.99 US. Don't know the euro conversion and it probably more than the trade rate - you guys pay VAT and generally have higher prices.

Advantages of u43: take it anywhere, keep a low profile, don't get locked into a single manufacturer.

Disadvantages of Olympus u43 (I don't know Panny): Harvard & MIT are collaborating on a six-year post-doctorate program entitled Philosophy of the Olympus Micro-Four-Thirds Menu System.

Advantages of Nikon FF: better at muscle building, blissfully shallow DOF, you're locked into NIKON.

Disadvantages of Nikon DX (I don't know FF): Took three tries with shipping back & forth to get a working SB600 Flash. Two of the three Nikon DX lenses I purchased required repair. Don't know if this is typical but I dropped Nikon because of that. I returned to Olympus because my OM4T has been working - and still does - since I bought it in 1986.

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