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Re: there was not much news

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I agree with Robert that Sony is trying to do its best given the situation it faces. That said, it is in Sony's best interest to improve on the problem characteristics I noted in an earlier post. Do you agree? And quezra, I have been impressed with a number of your past posts, and disagree with you being considered a paid shill. But do you find any benefit to Sony in my earlier post?

Not sure which post you're talking about. Of course killing NEX harmed Sony's brand image, I don't think anyone has ever disagreed with that. The problem some of us could see however was that NEX was overshadowing Alpha and we could see that Sony's chosen way to restore Alpha was to kill NEX. Was it a great way to do it? I think it wasn't as damaging as some people have made it out to be. But it was damaging, just not some sort of disaster as the vast majority of people don't pay attention to camera brand names, and as most of us who believe in the Sony system providing for our needs, it's still ultimately the intrinsics that matter. And nothing about the A3000/5000/7/7R show them damaging the intrinsic strengths of E-mount. I think E-mount has never been healthier in fact - excellent range of fixed aperture zooms and then FF lenses that also provide additional APS-C options for those who want uncompromising quality.

I agree with your phrase "those who want uncompromising quality." It seems even with some minor irritants, the A7r gives that FF quality to those who want, need, and can afford it. A NEX-7 & Z24 at today's prices aren't that much of a step downward for many of us.

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