Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Taxes inflate the price when importing

It won't be a Nikon warranty (see earlier post re warranty) but could be one from another company in which case the camera may have to be sent back to Canada for repair. In addition, the camera's value has to be declared on whuch customs here will levy import duty and VAT which could add up to another 30%. I don't believe Henry's (who I have used in the past) will make a false/lower value declaration for its overseas buyers (if found out could mean trouble). Re the D610 price I have just bought an unopened UK model off Ebay for £1175 - there are bargains to have on Ebay if one is reasonably cautious and alert. Also purchased a mint 60D for £349 (to use with my Canon primes), a BG-E9 for £22. If you insnist on buying an overseas DF then better to buy from a local UK importer to avoid above.

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