A really inexpensive battery for the GX7

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A really inexpensive battery for the GX7

I wanted a spare battery for my new GX7, and thought I might try out one of the very cheap 3rd-party options. So, I purchased one and tested it out. These are my results.

Note that the GX7 comes with a DMW-BLG10 battery. This appears to be the same as a DMW-BLE9 (sold with the GF3, GF6, etc.) with just a little more juice. So, I went searching for a cheap battery that is stated to be the same as either DMW-BLG10 or DMW-BLE9.

I ended up ordering this DMW-BLE9 compatible battery from DSTE on eBay for $8.54 (including free shipping):


It’s stated to have 1400mAh, which is a good bit more than the 1025mAh of the Panasonic battery. It’s also a “full coded” battery, meaning the camera should show a proper power meter for it.

I ordered it Saturday, expecting a long wait (I live in Maryland, USA). eBay said it was coming ePacket from Hong Kong and expected it to take 2-3 weeks. I was surprised when it arrived Wednesday, apparently shipped from Kentucky.

I was even more surprised when I opened it and found this:

1500mAh, not 1400mAh. Well, I won’t complain. That’s a lot more than the 1025mAh of the Panasonic battery. Of course, what they claim and what happens in real life can be 2 very different things.

To test the battery, I simply took video (720p60 AVCHD) of a still object with manual focus to avoid any power to drive the focus motor. The LCD was on the whole time. I let it go until the camera turned itself off. I ran the test twice.The results (H:MM) were:

DSTE battery: 1st run: 1:33, 2nd run: 1:37

Panasonic battery: 1st run: 2:22, 2nd run: 2:22

So, despite the 1500mAh rating, the cheap battery actually only lasted 65% or so as long as the genuine Panasonic battery.

Another note - the battery meter works on the DSTE battery, but not well. The Panasonic battery dropped to 2 bars around the 1 hour mark, 1 bar around 1:45, then 0 bars just before power off. The DSTE battery dropped to 2 bars around 50 minutes (good), but didn’t drop to 1 bar until 3 minutes before it died (not good).

It seems the DSTE battery is not up to par with the Panasonic one. That said, given that it cost around 20% of what a Panasonic battery would cost, that’s still a good value for some uses. It’ll work great as an emergency backup battery for me. I just have to remember that 2 bars of battery doesn’t always mean I’ve got plenty of time.

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