Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Expensive dive into the Full-Frame world.

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The Df is one of the most expensive FF (full-frame) cameras. It's a good camera, but you are spending more on the body than I think one should.

The real expense will be the lenses in the end. FF lenses generally get expensive unless you are willing to trade cost for quality.

I might suggest you look at a low mileage D700 as an alternative. It will be bigger and heavier than the Df, but much less expensive.

The resale on the D700 will probably be about the same as what you pay for it, so if you decide you want to upgrade or if FF is not what you had hoped, you can recover more of your investment.

The Df is more of an emotional purchase than most cameras, so you really need to think about your photograph goals and see if spending that much helps or hinders your objectives.

Then again, if money is no object, go ahead and buy one of everything.

Thank you, and I completely understand your point, its just I feel absolutely no emotion towards DSLR's like the D700, D610, D800. I have tried them in shops and even for the saving, I know that I would be buying something that in reality, i would probably just end up leaving at home a lot of the time and keep taking my EM5 with me. Whereas, the Df looks like the only real option currently for a FF camera (outside Leica) that sits apart from the obvious choices by Nikon and Canon (in design, if nothing else, but that does matter).

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I really don't have emotional connections with my cameras, but I do have an emotional connection with photography.

That being said, I understand what the abilities and limitations of the three cameras that I do have and try to use them for the application that they best serve.

I guess if I were in your shoes I would be asking the question of what am I trying to accomplish.  If you get that nailed down, what you should buy will be a lot clearer.

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