What does "weather sealed" mean?

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Re: What does "weather sealed" mean?

Jimmy K. wrote:

This is blog entry from Lensrentals:


The article focuses on plastic vs metal mounts. But there is also discussion on "weather sealed" at the very end of the page, along with some images:

As long as we’re on the subject of catchwords, it’s probably worth tackling ‘Weather Sealed’ or ‘Weather Resistant’ next. Many people seem to believe that means ‘waterproof’. When you take lenses apart all day you find out it usually means ‘we put a strip of foam rubber behind the front and rear elements and scotch tape over the access holes under the rubber rings’.

It’s better than no weather sealing, certainly. And some (but not all) ‘weather sealed’ lenses also have internal gaskets around barrel joints and other added bits seals. But I haven’t seen one manufacturer yet tell us exactly what weather their lens is sealed against. Snow? Rain? Sunshine? Wind? Well, it can’t be wind because the lenses we spend the most time taking dust out of are mostly ‘weather sealed’.

It’s very different with different manufacturers. You can assume whatever you like, but when you send your lens in for repair, ‘weather sealed’ still means ‘the warranty doesn’t cover water damage’.

Thanks that whole article is a very interesting read.  I would love to see a test where several different "pro grade" "weather sealed" lenses and bodies were left under a sprinkler or something for like 15 minuets or so and then immediately taken apart to see how much water actually got inside.  I have a feeling many people would be in for a shock.

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