Does the A7(r) kill HDR picture taking ?

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Re: LR kills HDR

JackM wrote:

I agree with you. But the story is very similar in Canon land. Here I recovered the snow, which was previously blank white. Sony surely has a bit more DR, but suffice to say, there is a lot more DR in all our RAW files than the jpeg engine or even the included proprietary raw converter (e.g. Canon DPP) would have us believe. Indeed LR achieves what previously had to be faked in HDR.

Nice shot, Jack!

LR doesn't kill HDR. I am going to buy this plug-in that is only $30 to give a try. I will try to take some multiple-exposed photos and merge into one photo with this plug-in in my forthcoming central EU trip in early March. According to this HDR guru this is the best plug-in handling HDR files.

Separately I also agreed Canon cameras also can handle contrast scenes but Sony sensors certainly have more room in this area, that's the reason I might also get an A7/A7R to supplement to my 5D3 in addition to small/light daily walk-around FF body. Canon might release a high DR DSLR this year but its FF ML is not near any time soon by just looking its EOS-M development. From what I have seen so far, I am more impressed in evening photos (low light) on tripod (at base ISO) from A7/A7R than in daylight when compared to Canon cameras. In evening photos, sometime I need to clean up dark sky/shadow from my 5D2/5D3 photos.

5D3 OOC RAW, just a demo photo

processed from above.

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