Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

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Thomas Kachadurian
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Re: Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

You are basing your observation on a flawed assumption: Professionals only use only one type of camera and have all of their gear with them at all times.

If I had an assignment to shoot the Auto Show I would take my Canon's because It has better low-light capabilities, the best tilt-shift lens made, and a pretty good flash system. I wouldn't bring anything mirrorless.

I wouldn't use mirrorless for a wedding either. I tried it but other than being better for my back it didn't measure up.

But I have three M43 bodies and many, too many lenses. I haven't bought anything new from Canon in a few years. I have bought M43 stuff.

Every pro I know (and I know many) has an M43, Sony NEX or Fuji mirrorless and lenses. Some have Fuji x100 or x100s as well.

The world is not what you personally see in your day to day life.

Call me crazy. I happen to like photos of cats.

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