Does the A7(r) kill HDR picture taking ?

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HDR became a misnomer

ProfHankD wrote:

Ok, so you get your HDR captured maybe in one shot. That still leaves the tonal mapping problem for output devices that have nowhere near 14 Ev dynamic range. Arguambly, HDR is as much about this tonal remapping as it is about getting the dynamic range captured, and so you may still need HDR processing software to get the most out of even single-shot captures from cameras like the A7/A7R. Actually, dynamic range of things like printed photos is tiny, so even single-shots from cheap compact cameras can benefit from HDR tone-mapping algorithms....

What people are really interested in is tone mapping to make vivid colors and some dynamic range compression to look good on modern displays. A lot of published pictures capture absolutely ordinary dynamic range. On the other hand, on a sunny day dynamic range can be far beyond any sensor can capture, but trying to compress that range with HDR leads to quite unsavory pictures.

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