Is there an SLR with no viewfinder blackout?

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Re: SLR mirror movement Lag

Vikas Rana wrote:

SLR requires mirror lock-ups for continues focusing & SLT have it always

Huh? Most SLRS have continuous focus at max FPS but not when the mirror is locked up.

lag of 9ms to 13ms is acceptable since we are not shooting at 1000fps, its actually better then when the mirror is up and SLR lost the focus..!

Huh? The avg lag of EVF to realtime is 113ms at 8FPS if my scenario is accurate. You are always looking at least 50ms and at most 125ms in the past.

The AF systems of DSLRs handle the discontinuity of the mirror being up just fine - they do the same thing your eye/brain does by using persistence and estimation. Canon and Nikon have been refining these systems for only 25 years or so.

It does delays the Autofocus, its beneficial if a camera has some Autofocus prediction algorithms which I don't think written till date

Why would you think that? Ever try looking?

Canon on the 7D: "Since the system is a predictive one, it continually calculates the next position of the subject being tracked by comparing focus distance results as they are received."

Nikon describes the same thing for their AF systems.

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