Great White Shark Photography

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Re: Great White Shark Photography

Chris 88 wrote:

That's great advise. Not thought about a wide but I like the idea.

Unfortunately I won't get warning before the breach. They propel themselves off the sea bed at 21mph to 25mph and the first anyone knows about it (including the poor seal) is when they break the surface jaws first. The jump lasts 1.2 seconds and my reaction time is about 700ms seconds. This gives me a shootable window of 500ms or half a second.

I would like close up and whole shark shots. I want the photos to show closeness as I'm privileged to be able to be close, I don't want them to look like I stood on a beach with a super tele if that makes any sense....

And yes I won't be able to move or change the distance of tow rope. Which makes me wonder if hand held or tripod would be better on a boat?

Haha, I misread most of your post and got the image of killer whales attacking seals on beaches stuck in my head - something I've always wanted to observe.

I understand the boat concept better now. That does change the game a lot, as it means you are stuck with set distances. Deffo measure it all out. Don't shoot too wide an aperture or your focus will have to be spot on for a longer lens. With a wider lens you'll be working at or near infinity so focus will be easy. Wide angle and context could be good if there is context, otherwise you need to frame in tight for frame filling action.

Tripod? Unless the boat is super smooth, then there will be too much movement, the possibility of transmitting engine vibrations and the inflexibility of not being able to react to the action.

You could still use traffic to train your reactions by standing down a side road and seeing how you react to traffic moving across the end of the road without warning. Wear an ipod so you don't hear them! The actual position of the traffic will be too predictable, but its better than nothing. The other difference is the traffic will continue to move at a constant speed where a shark will be decelerating to a stationary point before falling back. That stationary point could be a good time to click.

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