Great White Shark Photography

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Re: Great White Shark Photography

That's great advise. Not thought about a wide but I like the idea.

Unfortunately I won't get warning before the breach. They propel themselves off the sea bed at 21mph to 25mph and the first anyone knows about it (including the poor seal) is when they break the surface jaws first. The jump lasts 1.2 seconds and my reaction time is about 700ms seconds. This gives me a shootable window of 500ms or half a second.

I would like close up and whole shark shots. I want the photos to show closeness as I'm privileged to be able to be close, I don't want them to look like I stood on a beach with a super tele if that makes any sense....

And yes I won't be able to move or change the distance of tow rope. Which makes me wonder if hand held or tripod would be better on a boat?

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