Should Sony Rangefinder-Style a new E-mount camera ?

Started Jan 16, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: Should Sony Rangefinder-Style a new E-mount camera ?

nevercat wrote:

For me Sony should not create retro looking rangefinder style cameras. Why not? Those Fuji cameras are large, Sony cameras are much smaller.

Look here and you see for your self!

The Nex range will be cfontinued in the Alpha range as the A5000 showed us.
I do not expect Sony to come with a camera that looks like the Fuji cameras. Why? Well look at the sales figures...

By the way, Rumors go that Fuji will come soon with a retro looking DSLR styled mirrorless camera just like all the other mirrorless brands allread did. I wonder if Fuji lovers will start a Dump the hump campain to!

As there are many people how choose Fuji only because of the style.

I didn't mean by making this thread that Sony should go full Retro for its E-mount cameras as Nikon Did with the DF. Plus, if only they made for instance a new ILCE-E9000 line which will have a rangefinder look (A brick as parallaxproblem said like (M240, M9, XE1, XP1...) they simply will attract more people still falling in love with this style.

Just imaging a Full Frame, Brick-styled (thanks parallaxproblem), all black with the A7r hardware... That will make a lot of people think before picking up a Fuji !!

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