Extended battery grip for DF

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Re: Extended battery grip for DF

I'm a hard headed, loyal - loyal Nikon shooter for a very long time since my first Nikon F.  I bought and using the Nikon Df all ready a couple of weeks.  Also, I have a D3s and a D4. I'm a 75 years old guy photographing with Nikon for a long time,  45-50 yeas at list. Previously has all the  Nikon SLR models and all of them, FM-2 FE-2 FA, F2, F3, FM3a, F5 (then D bodies . . . . 700 to D3, D4)  and all of them has a motor drive or battery grip for D's for better handling, specially using bigger and longer lenses then a 50 prime or small prime lens. Those SLR ad on, optional  motor drives, never had an optional portrait mode switches on them, and I never had a problem with it or any of my colleges. If the Nikon Df is a "retro camera" so called for a "pure photography", why Nikon deliberately designed the camera in a way, ( bottom load FC card? Ridiculous!) you can't have an additional or optional battery pack for those, whom like to have more usage then a walk around camera with the 50mm lens on it?!

The look of the camera is a total form-design failure, when you see cameras form-designed like Olympus. Sonny, Pentax.

Why do you need all the controls duplicated on the optional battery grip, instead to get a battery grip and a battery grip only for better handling, and maybe more battery life.

The quality of the images what the Df producing is excellent, better then the D4 able to give. But the controls and the restricted ad on ability is an enigma to me.  I bought the camera in a big rush, thinking I going to have a FF good quality body, lighter and smaller then the two Nikon D's behemoths. I get the camera with mixed feeling, a very positive surprise of the images and a more and more irritation of the body, with has no chance to upgrade for a better handling when using a bigger lenses then a small primes. I mounted my smaller zoom, the 17-35/2.8 and the whole unit was ugly, difficult to handle, newer mind the 24-70/2.8 or a bigger lens like the 70-200/2.8. Disaster. It same to me, this camera never going to be a popular camera and in the long run, it going to be a collection item as a curiosity, and infinite question, why Nikon created this ugly restricted camera at all. Why not just copy a FM3a, beautiful body, and turned in to digital, exactly in the same way with an optional battery grip.

Regardless of the quality images I'm getting out of it, like it very much, I'm all ready thinking to sell the camera.

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