Camcorder for recording conference talks

Started Jan 16, 2014 | Questions thread
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Camcorder for recording conference talks

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good camcorder, suitable for recording conference talks (i.e. a person standing next to a projection screen, and talks for ~45 minutes). I've used a pretty low-end camera so far - Samsung HMX-H200BN, which is a pretty cheap camera and did a good job, but I'm getting more and more annoyed by the limitations. So I'm looking for a good replacement.

What annoys me on the current camera:

  • the video is split into ~2GB segments, but there are gaps (3-4 seconds, AFAIK), which is really annoying because it can happen mid-sentence
  • not possible to use an external microphone (have to record separately / add later, which is unexpectedly challenging)
  • sometimes not the best video quality (but people generally concentrate on the voice and slides, so tolerable)

What I need:

  • good performance in low-light conditions (usually the lights are dimmed, to make the projection screen easy to read)
  • good performance in high-contrast conditions (e.g. when the person stands directly next to the projection screen)
  • external (wireless) microphone
  • compatibility with Linux, e.g. no proprietary formats requiring special software etc. (should not be a problem with AVCHD, I guess)
  • seamless recording of long sessions (up to 2h), i.e. the video may be split into multiple files but it must be seamless

I'm ready to spend say $1000, or maybe a bit more, and so far I've looked at two models:

  • JVC GC-PX100 (I like the f/1.2 lens, because of the light conditions)
  • Canon LEGRIA HF G25 (a conservative choice, I guess)

Any other ideas?

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